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Analogue Initiative

Analogue is driven by a team of forward-thinking individuals striving to create a more sustainable dining and drinking experience.


Be it discussing ways to make our space more inclusive, sourcing for ingredients that minimise our environmental impact, or reconceptualising our energy and material use, our passion is at the heart of our work. We believe in a future that is kinder to the earth and to ourselves, and we welcome you to share it with us.

Analogue Initiative staff photo holding favorite drinks and food
Analogue Initiative 3D-printed recycled plastic bar top

3D-Printed Bar

Breathing new life into a non-biodegradable material.

The main bar top is entirely 3D-printed from 1,600kg of recycled plastic bottles and spans 20-metres in length with a beautiful ergonomic, and inclusive flow that dips for wheelchair accessibility

Analogue Initative recycled plastic coasters

Recycled Coasters

No two are the same. 

Re-purposed from a vibrant array of recycled plastic products, our coasters are a step forward in envisioning the future of functional sustainability.

Analogue Initiative natural mycelium tabletops

Mycelium Tabletops

A world below your feet and now at your fingertips.

In our pursuit of alternative materials, some of our tables have been made by inoculating mycelium spores with organic matter to form a unique self-growing structure.

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